1507 Grayland Ave / Tuesdays 3-6:30 May-November

Shirefolk Farm


Shirefolk Farm

ShireFolk Farm is a merry place of integrated & abundant, pasture, forest and animal systems.  We use Permaculture practices to build enduring food and financial security for ourselves and our community on this diverse and resilient farmstead. 

We are a family farm in Fluvanna County, VA and are soon to be Certified Naturally Grown. We raise GMO-free pastured poultry including chicken, chicken eggs, turkeys, ducks, mushrooms, and a variety of produce. In our vegetable production, we focus on bunching greens, baby greens mixes, root vegetables and tomatoes.  We hope to see you at the market soon!


Emilie Tweardy 503 577 7618
Logan Tweardy 859 221 8069