1507 Grayland Ave / Tuesdays 3-6:30 May-November

Deer Run

Deer Run Farm

Deer Run Farm is a family operation in beautiful King William County, Virginia, run by Chris and Britney Rudolph. Most of our time is focused on plants, produce, egg, and honey production. We have laying hens, pet rabbits, pigs, and goats that spend their days happily grazing. Our two daughters have been raised on the farm and are learning what's it is all about to grow their own food, raise animals and bees, and take care of the land.  We vend at many local markets throughout the growing season and participate in local food co-ops. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, berries, herbs, and plants.Our family has over 30 years of farming experience, as well as a background in health and wellness. We focus on providing our customers with vitamin packed and nutrient dense food to feed our bodies. Our growing practices include measures to conserve water and minimal use of chemical additives; while bringing our customers the freshest produce possible. We look forward to opening our farm up to our customers, colleagues, and friends! 

Instagram + Twitter: @deer_run_farm