1507 Grayland Ave / Tuesdays 3-6:30 May-November

Hazel Witch Farm


Hazel Witch Farm

Hazel Witch Farm began in 2017, is a woman-owned small farm business growing ethical and sustainable herbs, flowers, and regionally adapted heirloom seed for Richmond, Virginia. I use regenerative farming practices to not only sustain, but hopefully improve the land I steward. I focus on bioregionally adapted + open pollinated varieties, cruelty free amendments, and plant positive pest management. All the amendments and products used on the farm are allowed under organic systems, and are as minimal as possible. Questions are always encouraged, curious how I manage a certain insect pressure? What I use for fertility? Why I prefer compostable packaging over plastic? Just ask!

Herbs span culinary to medicinal and are available fresh and dried. Cut flowers are offered in bouquets, bunches, in CSA subscriptions, and dried. Hazel Witch Farm also has a small, seasonal line of oxymels, tea blends, and hydrosols. Hazel Witch Farm currently resides on Tricycle Urban Ag's new incubator farm site, Charlotte Acres.


Social Media/ Contact:
Instagram: @Hazelwitchfarm
805 708 6339
4366 Sledd Lane Mechanicsville VA 23111