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-The Fall Is Here
-November Celebrates National Sweet Potato Month
- Tiny Nest Concerts Series Presents Live Music
-Tuesday, November 21st is the official last day of Birdhouse Farmers Market's Regular Season

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The Fall is officially here and Winter will be on its way. However, there is still great seasonal and local produce you can enjoy at Birdhouse Farmers Market.
Stop by Birdhouse Farmers Market and GO GREEN with romanesco, mustard greens, kale, salad mixes, collards, green peppers, cilantro, bok choy, and more.



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October Celebrates National Vegetarian Awareness Month

Sweet potatoes are often confused with yams especially during the fall months.  Though they may look similar, they are not related botanically.  Some key tips to help distinguish between them: yams are usually white on the inside and have a drier, starchier texture while sweet potatoes are more orange and have a less dense texture.
Stop by Birdhouse Farmers Market and load up on sweet potatoes to make great sweet potato pies and fries this holiday season. 





Tiny Nest Concert Series Featuring Guy Gorman

Guy G. Gorman and his G-Men live in a musical neighborhood located somewhere near the intersection of rockabilly, country, Folk, and early sixties rock and roll. We aim to create music that interesting and new, yet familiar all at the same time!







Tuesday, November, 21st is the official last day of Birdhouse Farmers Market's regular market season.However, stay tuned for updates about our WINTER RENEGADE MARKET!!! We appreciate all your support this season and look forward to seeing you at BFM's Winter Renegade Market. 






Tiny Nest Concert Series featuring DJ Cortes

DJ Cortes is an all-vinyl DJ spinning an eclectic mix of soul, funk, new wave and post-punk tunes. When he's not spinning records you can catch him slinging coffee at Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream, where DJ Cortes holds a bi-weekly Vinyl & Chill night on Tuesday evenings, working at The Valentine buffing up on Richmond history, or connecting with River City youth through various ART 180 programs. Visit Dj Cortes at instagram.com/DJCortesRVA



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