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Auntie Ning's


Auntie Ning’s

When Zach met Fred in high school in their hometown of Norfolk, he had never before tasted the tangy, spicy and diverse cuisine of the Philippines. Years later, when both had settled in Richmond, Zach lamented that he could not find the same delicious Filipino flavors, even in this food-centric city. Fred was overjoyed to share the recipes that he had learned from years of practicing with his mom, Ning, at home and his aunt, Lita, in her Virginia Beach restaurant. After teaming up with Justin, the trio brought the idea to life and dedicated themselves to bringing the freshest, most authentic homemade Filipino food to Richmond.

At Auntie Ning’s, we want to celebrate the distinct and colorful flavors of the Philippines. Our mission is to popularize the dishes that we love so much and let others experience that same joy of eating. We make sure to have vegetarian and vegan options available so that everyone can enjoy.  Come find out what we have to offer!

instagram handle: @auntienings
phone: 804-215-3814